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Good decisions are foundational to the enjoyment of great business performance. That’s why we are here. We are passionate about helping boards flourish through good decision-making and governance practices.


Our Purpose

Company Overview

Good decisions underpin great business performance—it’s a fact. But here’s the catch: good decisions are easy in theory but difficult in practice. That’s why Business Torque Systems guides boards in the art and science of making better decisions. We deliver tailored learning programmes that speak to the unique needs of a board. We turn theory into practice.
Directors sometimes need help to function effectively in the boardroom. We equip individual directors for their roles because we are passionate about helping boards and people flourish.

Our Team

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Director, Advisor, Programme Facilitator

Peter is an industry leader in the application of governance practices. His passion is to work with people who want to learn how to become more effective board members through great governance. Peter actively researches, develops and advocates a style of governance that is suitable and effective for Australasian businesses. Peter is the Principal of Business Torque Systems Limited.
Based on his insights of the practical steps required for directors to grow in their governance capability and backed by data he has collected from more than 6,000 interviews with business owners, Peter has developed The Business Torque® Report, the Governance Capability Development Model, and the Seven Governance Practices.
In addition to working with a range of sectors including farming, growing, and exporting, Peter is one of the creators of the Rural Governance Development Programme, and he designed and delivers AgriOne’s Farm Governance Advisor Training Programme in association with Massey University. Peter also works with the Tokelau Government, a number of Maori trusts and SMEs, and sits on the boards of several businesses. Peter and his wife live in Palmerston North and have four adult children and one young grandson.

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Director, Administration

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Writer, Editor, Marketing

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Assessment Technician


How We Do ItFramework

We believe in the power of tailored learning. We avoid generic advice, seeking to give insight that speaks directly to the explicit needs of the board and each director. We also believe the best way to learn is by doing. This philosophy defines our approach. We enjoy nothing more than supporting boards as they learn, apply newfound knowledge and blossom.

Seven Governance Practices

1. Acting with a purpose in mind
2. Planning for effective governance meetings
3. Working with other people
4. Making right decisions
5. Maintaining a learning orientation
6. Knowing what’s going on and what to do about it
7. Managing risks effectively

Seven Personal Aptitudes

1. Leading to Inspire
2. Planning to Focus
3. Understanding Yourself and Others
4. Managing for Performance Outcomes
5. Teaching that Excites
6. Understanding Business Financials
7. Directing in Service of Others

Our research shows that seven governance practices are key to a healthy boardroom environment. Running in parallel are seven attributes that characterise good directors. Properly equipped directors operating in a healthy boardroom environment are more likely to make good decisions.

Personalised Analysis

That’s why we provide personalised analysis. When we work with boards, we start by assessing them across the seven practices and seven aptitudes. This multidimensional approach provides an unequalled depth of insight, from which tailored learning can emerge. The personalised Business Torque ® Report provides a platform for ongoing learning.

Supported Learning

We love supporting boards as they learn the art and science of making better decisions. It’s an exciting process.

We tailor our approach for each situation. Because no two boards are the same, we assemble learning programmes that will work best with each board and its directors. We also provide directors with resources that will strengthen their skills or aptitudes.

Using this learning-while-doing approach, boards start seeing improvements immediately. This often brings confidence and motivation to the boardroom.




What we Do

Learning for Individuals: We provide professional development to individual directors. After a thorough assessment, we provide a report and begin one-on-one meetings.

Learning for Boards: We take on short and long-term learning projects. Boards sometimes need advice about a specific issue or one-off board assessments. Other boards like long-term engagement with regular meetings. We provide these services to commercial and non-profit organisations, Maori trusts, international corporates and government bodies.

Training for Groups of Boards: We provide tailored training programmes to groups of boards, delivered over a set period of time. This is the preferred option of groups within industry bodies, groups of Maori trusts, and cooperatives.



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Want to find out more?


Rural Governance
Development Programme 2018

DairyNZ has partnered with Business Torque Systems Ltd to deliver the Rural Governance Development Programme (formerly the DairyNZ Farm Business Governance Development Programme). The programme is open to all types of rural businesses— not just dairy farms —so if you are part of any type of rural business, we would love to include you in a programme.

The Rural Governance Development Programme has produced excellent results—previous participants show a 29% average increase in overall governance capability.
The programme involves 5 days of workshops spread over 10 months, in groups restricted to 24 participants.
Workshops are facilitated by Peter Allen, co-creator of the course, supplemented by James Lockhart (senior lecturer at Massey Business School), Peter Crow (governance scholar and advisor), and Lawrence Field (governance advisor and experienced presenter).


Applications Close
Friday, 9th of March

  • Pre-Course Dinner: Tue 10 April, 6pm
  • Days 1 & 2: Wed-Thurs 11-12 April
  • Day 3: Wed 6 June
  • Day 4: TBD
  • Day 5: TBD

TAUPO 2018

Applications Close
Friday, 16th of March

  • Pre-Course Dinner: Tue 17 April, 6pm
  • Days 1 & 2: Wed-Thurs 18-19 April
  • Day 3: Tue 12 June
  • Day 4: TBD
  • Day 5: TBD

Do you have a group of more than 6? Contact about offering a new location for you.


Client Testimonials

Tim and Lynnea Mudford

Rural Business Development Programme 2016

John Fisher

Rural Business Development Programme 2016

Zac Brown

Rural Business Development Programme 2016

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